Born in Costa Rica in 1971, at age 14 Enar began to receive oil classes. In 1989 she entered the University of Costa Rica where in 1996 she obtained a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting, and studying the art of engraving.

Enar CruzAt the same university she worked as a teacher for one and a half years until 1998 when she decided to take her backpack and travel throughout Europe, eventually settling in Spain where she has lived so far and continued devoting herself to painting and teaching art.

Since 1991 Enar has made over thirty solo exhibitions and over 70 group exhibitions and competitions in Spain, Holland, Costa Rica and Miami USA, Shangay, China. She has participated in specialized courses always related to painting and engraving. In 2012 Enar obtained the diploma in Arte Terapia en Metáfora, Barcelona.

Enar is passionate about her work, her family, friends, literature, music, film, nature, travel, museums, and life in general... Women, children, spirituality is always present in her works, full of commitment to human beings, life, peace and freedom. In recent years her art has focused on environmental issues highlighting the beauty of virgin forests, from memoirs in retina, as human figures both camouflaged and complementary, where woman, nature and childhood are full of sensitivity and always vulnerable to abuses. From this comes the need to give them a voice.

Enar Cruz's work is a poetry of colour and line: Using these resources enables a dialogue from the intimacy and subjectivity of the artist. Her depictions of an emotional universe, its ethical conclusions and simple meditation without a structure that restricts, may well refer to the world of memories, like that of the everyday, or dreams, freely and randomly reminding the viewer of its own passionate nature.

Expressed through the abstract with colour between sinuous lines, its iconography and figuration are very personal, and shows great technique and experimentation that fills her work with spontaneity and freedom. Whether in color or in black, either on paper or cotton cloth, using collage with wrapping paper and printed fabrics, the work of Enar Cruz is the result of painstaking research which mingle and merge their way onto the fields of painting and printmaking.


Education & Studies

2012 Initial certificate Art Therapy, Metafora, Barcelona, Spain.

2007 "The contemporary cartel like a scream." Course organized by ISEL. Málaga Deputation of. Málaga. Spain

2006 “Master workshop of Xilograph in big format”. Bienale of contemporary art Almería. Spain.

2004 Course “No toxique engravings”techniques. With Ana Bellido. Taller Gravura. Málaga, Spain.

2003-2004 Course Bases photograph, Arte y Cultura. Marbella. Malaga

2002-2003 Course Bases photographe, Arte y Cultural. Marbella. Malaga

2003 Course on “Foto grabado”techniques. With Alicia Diaz-Rinaldi. Taller Gravura. Málaga, Spain.

2000 Course on ‘Impression techniques’ with Miguel Villain (Spanish artist). Museum ofengravings, Marbella. Spain.

1997 Master Class “Painting” with Costa Rican Artist: Rafael Fernandez. Costa Rica

1997 University of Costa Rica, Engravings Specialty

1995 University of Costa Rica, Fine Arts Degree, Painting specialty, University of Costa Rica.


Work Experience

2004-2013 Art teacher at the Buchinger Clinic. Marbella. Spain.

2001–2013 Art teacher in my own art studio, Marbella, Spain.

2000–2001 Art teacher at Ricardo Alario Workshop, Marbella, Spain.

1996–1997 Art teacher at the University of Costa Rica.

1993–1997 During this period I worked for my art project, also in murals, graphic design, and musicology design.


Individual Exhibitions

2012 “Memoirs” Exibition room Clinica Buchinger, Marbella, Málaga, Spain.

2012 "In honor of Women" Cortijo Miraflores in Marbella, Málaga, Spain.

2010 "Impressions jungle" Alternative Gallery. San José, Costa Rica.

2009 "Recent Works” Spring Hall, Clock House Cultural Center. Arganzuela District. Madrid, Spain.

“The Return of illusion”, Ámbito Cultura gallery of the Corte Ingles, Malaga, Spain

"Senses" Cultural Center of San Jose Calazanz. District of Latina. Madrid, Spain

"I am the other" Miguel Hernandez Cultural Center. District of Latina, Madrid, Spain

2007 "I am part of two worlds" Cultural Centre Julio Cortázar. District of Moncloa, Madrid, Spain

2006 “Desdoblando el tiempo y la memoria”. Taller Gravura. Málaga, Spain.

New paintings”, Gallery Dau al Set. San José. Costa Rica.

2005 “Small format paintings”, Gallery vestíbulo de la Rectoría. University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica.

2004 “Entre velos y desvelos...”, Galería vestíbulo de OAMI, Alicante, Spain.

2003 “The love”.Galería Akelarre, Marbella. Málaga

Vanish( desvanecerse), Gallery Supreme Court, San José. Costa Rica.

Recent paintings”, Galería Alternativa, San José, Costa Rica.

2002 Clínica Buchinger. Marbella, Malaga, Spain.

2001 Gallery Historic Museum of San Ramón, University of Costa Rica Sede de occidente. Alajuela,Costa Rica

Joconde’s kabinet, in cooperation with the Embassy of Costa Rica in The Hague. Holland.

RAI Amsterdam, in cooperation with Cumulus,Amsterdam, Holland

Hein, restaurant in Amsterdam, Holland

2000 Thyade Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland

Ricardo Alario, Atelier, Marbella, Malaga, Spain,

1999 Clínica Buchinger, Marbella Spain.

1997 -Dr. Rafael Calderón Guardia Museum, San José, Costa Rica.

1994 “Canto de angeles”, Vestibulo del Teatro Nacional, San José, Costa Rica



2013 “Pura Vida”…modern & contemporaryart of Costa Rica”, Highland Beach Library, Delray Beach, Florida, USA.

2012-13 "Grafica for better times", in cooperation with The Centro Español de Arte Grafico, Centro Cultural Infanta Cristina, Ayuntamiento de pinto, Madrid, España.

Contemporary art market”, Colegio de Arquitectos de Cadiz, Cadiz, España.

“Recortes”, Taller Galería Gravura, Málaga, España.

2012 “An end to the beginning”,In cooperation with Stela Kamazón y Liviana Leone, Exibitions room , Ateneo de Málaga. Málaga, España.

In memory of Doña María Buchinger”, Clinica Buchinger, Marbella, Malaga, España.

Creatures & Collages”, Ford fine Art, Delray Beach, Florida, USA.

2012 "Pura Vida" Costa Rican contemporary engraving shows. Altamira room, Center for the Arts, City of Alcorcón. Madrid.

2011-12 “Contemporary art market”, Colegio de Arquitectos de Cadiz, Cadiz, España.

2011 “Lo relativo del blanco” Galería Alternativa, San José, Costa Rica.

2010 "Shanghai Spress" Contemporary Spanish Prints, organized by the Spanish center of graphic art, The Nut Lab room, Shangai, China.

“Dos orillas" Altamira hall, arts center, City of Alcorcón. Madrid.

2009 "Costa Rican recorded sample" CIEC Foundation, La Coruna, Spain.

2008 "Tales from shore to shore." 5 Spanish and 5 Costa Rican artists. National GalleryChildren's Museum. San José, Costa Rica.

"Aurorretratos" ,Mexican Cultural Center. San José. Costa Rica.

Buchinger Clinic, Marbella, Málaga, Spain.

2007 Costa Rican artists Collective presentation "Blue Morphos Gallery. Palm Beach. Florida. USA.

"Exlibris small works of art," ÁmbitoCultural Gallery. Corte Inglés, Málaga. Spain.

"Tribute to Francisco Amighetti", Faculty of Fine GalleryArts, University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica

"Collective filing season." Henarte Gallery. Malaga.

"Amarte". Art Museum of El Salvador. San Salvador. El Salvador

2006 "X balconies Painting Biennial", A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

Permanencia de la pintura” contemporary colective. Alternativa Gallery. Pavas, San José, Costa Rica. (collective exhibition)

2005 “Quinto Centenario de Don Quijote, paintings”. En conjunto con grupo Nómadas, itinerante. Málaga, Spain(Collective exhibition)

Música”. Galería Cortijo Mira flores. Marbella, Málaga, Spain.

"Illustrations for the book Handmade Don Quixote, Galería Cortijo Mira flores, Marbella, Málaga,Spain.

2004 “IX Bienal de pintura Balconadas”, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

"Usarme" Galería Akelarre, en colaboration whit the artist Pedro Molina. San Pedro de Alcántara, Málaga, Spain.

2003 “Exposición colectiva de navidad”.Art Workshop Liviana Leone. Marbella. Málaga.

30 Aniversario Clinica Bichinger”, Marbella, Spain.

Recent works”, Dr. Rafael Calderón Guardia Museum, San José, Costa Rica,

2002 “XVI Contemporary Art Market”. Provincial Deputation, Cadiz, Spain

Latin American Artists” Gallery Domplein, Utrecht. Holland

International Artist Contest”, -Corte Ingles, Marbella, Spain.

International Art Fair, Seville, Spain.

Gallery EDI, Hamburg. Germany.

2001 “XV Contemporary Art Market”. Provincial Diputation, Cadiz, Spain.

International workshop”, Ajdovscino, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Los Arqueros Club de Golf, Marbella Spain,

2000 Ricardo Alario Atelier, “Art Market”, Marbella, Spain

Young Artist Contest”, Corte Inglés, Marbella, Spain.

1999 “Retorno” José Figueres Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.

Art in good price”, Municipal Art Gallery of Marbella, Marbella, Malaga, Spain.

1998 “Paginas Sueltas”, La Nación Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.

1997 “Women Collective Artists”, Enrique Echandi Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.

Sámara”, French Alliance, San José, Costa Rica (collective exhibition)

Engraving Current José Figueres Cultural House”, San José, Costa Rica

1996 “Drawing Contest”,Dr. Rafael Calderón Guardia Museum, San José, Costa Rica

1995 “Drawing Contest”, Caja Costaricense de Seguro Social, Child Museum, San José, Costa Rica,

1994 “The environment of the University”, University of Costa Rica contest, University of Costa Rica, Fine Arts Faculty. Costa Rica.

1994 “Graduation Exhibition”, Francisco Amiguethi Gallery, Fine Arts Faculty, University of Costa Rica. Costa Rica

1993 Club Unión Gallery, Honour mention in Contest Prize Pflzer, Costa Rica. Watercolors homage. San José, Costa Rica



2007 Second art 2D. 45th Annual Delray Affair 2007. Delray. Florida. USA.

1994 Third Place,Contest university environment, University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica.

1993 Mention of honor, “Pfilzer Award Contest in honor of the Watercolor Costa Rican”, Club Union Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica.



2001 "International Artists Workshop meeting." Ljubiana, Slovenia.



Cultural Ámbito of the Corte Inglés. Málaga. Spain

Children's Museum, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Cultural Centre Julio Cortázar, Moncloa District. Madrid. Spain

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